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    Shannon Banks

    Executive Development Consultant
    Surrey, United Kingdom

    Shannon Banks, MSocSc, is an award-winning consultant, facilitator, and executive coach…

    Brian Brittain

    Associate Partner, Americas
    Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

    Brian Brittain partners with CEOs, boards, and senior executives to help focus and alig…

    Gayle Treichel Bunge

    Associate Partner, Americas
    Greater Boston Area, United States

    KRW Associate Partner Gayle Treichel Bunge works with senior corporate leaders to impro…

    Kelly Garramone

    Managing Partner
    Washington, DC, United States

    As both Managing Partner of KRW International and Research Practice Lead, Kelly brings…

    Martin Harder

    Associate Partner, EMEA
    Berlin, Germany

    Martin focuses on executive coaching for senior executives and leadership teams confron…

    Julie Jessup

    Associate Partner, EMEA
    Paris, France

    Julie Jessup works with clients to find pragmatic solutions to their organizational and…

    Fred Kiel

    Minneapolis, United States

    Fred Kiel, author of Return on Character, offered the first hard evidence linking the c…

    Heidi Mattila

    Executive Development Consultant
    Washington, DC

    Heidi Mattila has coached and advised senior executives in international corporations a…

    Tom McSteen

    Executive Development Consultant
    Minneapolis, United States

    Tom spent nearly thirty years working in legal and compliance roles in the healthcare a…

    Fabian Orue

    Executive Development Consultant
    Madrid Area, Spain

    Fabian Orue is passionate about leaders’ development and works with multinational and g…

    Stephanie Parry

    Senior Executive Development Consultant, EMEA
    Paris, France

    With over thirty years of experience working in global companies as a senior HR leader…

    Hani Roumieh

    Executive Vice President, Europe
    Paris, France

    Hani Roumieh is a seasoned international marketing and sales executive. He has over twe…