Return on Character

    With more than one million data points, KRW’s seven-year study of 84 CEOs, 8000+ employees across 100+ organizations found that leadership Character is a significant predictor of an organization’s success.

    Leaders of strong Character create more value for their organization than do their Low Character counterparts.

    Organizations led by High Character senior teams average an astonishing ~5x greater return on assets (ROA) and 26% higher workforce engagement. They also show lower levels of corporate risk, as measured by audit fees and legal events. The business results achieved through this combination represent the organization’s Return on Character® (ROC).

    Our findings are clear: leaders of strong Character do create more value for their organization than do their Low Character counterparts.

    They lead highly principled executive teams who in turn lead a highly engaged workforce. Their organizations excel at innovation, teamwork, and collaboration. And they achieve a higher ROA for investors.

    The ripple effects of those results extend well beyond the boardroom and investors’ circle to bring value to employees, customers, and the communities surrounding the organizations’ operations, and even onto the environment. That’s ROC in action.

    What is Character?

    Character is an individual’s unique combination of beliefs and Character Habits that motivate and shape how he or she relates to others.

    Can Character Really Change?

    Character is a habit that can be learned, adopted, and adapted and is the most effective way to integrate values-based behavior into an organization.

    What We Do

    We know what matters. We look at Character rather than skills. Why? Because all the research shows that Character matters more than skills. We have the data to prove it.
    We are evidence-based. We approach leadership development and coaching differently because every recommendation is based on data and proprietary predictive analytics.
    We help you focus, not add to your to-do list. We use predictive analytics based on our data in order to help your individual leader identify the one behavior—the Keystone Habit—that they can easily integrate into their daily work to get the improvement, not a list of ten things.

    Business Challenges We Solve

    Everything we do is linked to business results, from conduct, lowered risk, and increased collaboration to digitalization, innovation, and agility. Up to 30% of the bottom line can be due to the leadership effect, and we now know through our research that the most powerful way to impact leadership is through Character.

    How We Do It

    We solve problems through Character, working with individual leaders and executive teams, helping them create Cultures of Character that release the potential to do all these things using our quantitative research.

    Clients We've Helped

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    Brian Brittain

    Associate Partner, Americas
    Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

    Brian Brittain partners with CEOs, boards, and senior executives to help focus and alig…

    Gayle Treichel Bunge

    Associate Partner, Americas
    Greater Boston Area, United States

    KRW Associate Partner Gayle Treichel Bunge works with senior corporate leaders to impro…

    Kelly Garramone

    Managing Partner
    Washington, DC, United States

    As both Managing Partner of KRW International and Research Practice Lead, Kelly brings…

    Martin Harder

    Associate Partner, EMEA
    Berlin, Germany

    Martin focuses on executive coaching for senior executives and leadership teams confron…

    Julie Jessup

    Associate Partner, EMEA
    Paris, France

    Julie Jessup works with clients to find pragmatic solutions to their organizational and…

    Fred Kiel

    Minneapolis, United States

    Fred Kiel, author of Return on Character, offered the first hard evidence linking the c…

    Stephanie Parry

    Senior Executive Development Consultant, EMEA
    Paris, France

    With over thirty years of experience working in global companies as a senior HR leader…

    Hani Roumieh

    Executive Vice President, Europe
    Paris, France

    Hani Roumieh is a seasoned international marketing and sales executive. He has over twe…

    Heather Richetto-Rumley

    Associate Partner, Americas
    Tulsa, United States

    KRW Associate Partner Heather Richetto-Rumley works with senior-level executives in the…

    John Swain

    Associate Partner, Americas
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Focusing on enabling leaders and their organizations to achieve success and fulfillment…

    Kathryn Williams

    Winston Salem, United States

    KRW co-founder Kathryn Williams is an accomplished individual executive coach and group…

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