Fred Kiel

Fred Kiel

Coaching based on data, not opinion.

As leaders in the field of coaching well before anyone called it “coaching,” our consultants are experts at humanizing data for senior leaders. With an evidence-based approach targeted to converting insights into value for the organization, we offer a variety of programs to meet a variety of needs, including individual coaching, team coaching, board assessments, and organizational culture assessments.

What We Do


We know what matters. We look at who you are as a leader rather than skills. Why? Because our research shows that who you are as a leader is more predictive of your impact than what you know how to do. We have the data to prove it.


We are evidence-based. We approach leadership development and coaching differently because every recommendation is based on data and proprietary predictive analytics.


We help you focus, not add to your to-do list. We use predictive analytics based on our data in order to help your individual leader identify the one behavior—the Keystone Habit—that they can easily integrate into their daily work to get the improvement, not a list of ten things.


our clients report positive change in their overall leadership effectiveness
after working with us


of our clients have or would
recommend us to others


of clients report a positive ROA
for their time and/or money