Executive Development

KRW’s individual coaching programs offer top executives a uniquely comprehensive development experience that our clients have called “life changing.” Leveraging decades of experience and our extensive database, we balance evidence-based insights with personalized coaching. Starting and ending with the business and organizational metrics clients identify, our data-gathering and coaching processes align around these metrics and continuously measure progress against them.

Updating the Winning Formula

Most executives have a “winning formula” that has helped them succeed over the years. However, as he or she advances, that formula requires an update. What has supported success at one level of an organization can often get in the way of success at the next. This program is a data-based approach which analyzes the character, strengths, and limitations of an individual as well as the requirements to succeed at the next level, and assists that person in mastering the craft of leadership as it pertains to his or her future.

New Foundations Senior Executive Coaching

We know how difficult it is for senior executives to get accurate feedback, and we know how tempting it can be for successful leaders to ignore feedback. New Foundations, KRW’s flagship individual program, takes a fully holistic approach to data and coaching.

Our data-gathering process is meticulous, including in-depth interviews with the individual, colleagues, and often friends and family, focusing on character, strengths and weaknesses, personal characteristics, and relevant background. Our method exposes the senior leader to a vast amount of confidential and incisive feedback, read aloud, word for word. It is a powerful process, designed to set the foundation for substantial growth and help executives refresh, renew their vision, and sharpen their leadership edge.

New Foundations Rising Stars and Hi-Potential Talent

Preparing successors and the next generation of leaders has never been more urgent than now – particularly given the new skills and mindsets required to lead in this ever-evolving environment. Our New Foundations programs are customizable to be right-sized for leaders needing to focus on specific skills as well as on their ability to inspire confidence and engagement in the workforce.

Return on Character® (ROC) Elevation Experience

Who you are as a leader has more influence on the impact you have than the sum total of the hard skills you bring to the table. With the Return on Character® (ROC) Leadership Assessment at its core, this program offers senior leaders a unique opportunity to cut through the noise by focusing on a single keystone Character habit rather than a long to-do list when elevating their leadership impact.

We help leaders identify the Character habits that impact skills for creating better engagement, execution, and business results. Over a period of approximately 3-12 months, coaches lead clients through four phases of growth toward Virtuoso leadership—starting and ending with the business impact.

What You Learn

Who You Are As a Leader

The essential habits of Leadership Character that drive the most value in business: Integrity, Responsibility, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

What You Do As a Leader

The leadership skills that have higher impact on maintaining sustained positive business results: Vision, Accountability, Decision Making, Communication, Collaboration, and Team Leadership.

Your Impact As a Leader

Five key behaviors that are indicative of your impact and lead to high workforce engagement.

Your Predictive Possibilities®

The one or two behaviors you can focus on from the assessment data that will have the greatest impact on improving your performance.

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