C-Suite Onboarding

Memorable performances begin with masterful entrances. New leaders need to make their mark quickly, but the transition from one organization to another is complex and the failure rate is high.

Organizations hiring a new senior executive spend a large amount of money and time investing in the hire. Yet half of all newly hired executives will be gone within three years, voluntarily or otherwise. Mastering the art of the start could save everyone involved a lot of time, heartache, and money.

KRW International’s Onboarding program is designed to ensure that the new leader will be fully integrated and operating effectively. It protects the organization’s investment, empowers and supports the new leader, ensures rapid traction, and lays the foundation for a high-impact and high-value legacy. Our program is rooted in our extensive experience with the special challenges faced by the most senior leaders.

We help newly hired leaders:

Navigate the differences between the old and new organizational cultures

Rapidly build the networks needed to lead effectively

Create a vision for the new leadership role

Plan and execute an entry strategy designed to build business knowledge quickly, demonstrate leadership, and engage stakeholders

Accelerate learning from and bonding with the new team and new boss, while clarifying mutual expectations

Manage the personal, career, and geographical challenges of the transition for themselves and their families 

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