Our research shows that Character is the single most important factor for promoting ideas and driving innovation

Innovation is a key driver of organizational success, and an organization’s ability to drive innovation depends on its leadership and the conditions it creates. Simply put, leaders must act in ways that support and nurture innovation in their organization. 

High Character senior teams create cultures where is it psychologically safe to innovate and conditions that enable execution readiness and engagement. In Low Character cultures people don’t innovate or take risks because they are afraid of the consequences if their idea fails.

In contrast, in High Character cultures, leaders practice letting go of their own and others’ mistakes, not holding grudges, and focusing on what’s right versus what’s wrong while holding people accountable –all of which support the creativity necessary for innovation.

Leveraging our Return on Character® research, we work with clients to target the specific features that determine the success (or failure) of innovation efforts. Our predictive analytics cut through complexity to measure and predict which habits individuals and teams should implement to have the most productive impact on innovation.

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