ROC Certification


The Return on Character® (ROC) Leadership Assessment is designed to assess and unlock executives’ most powerful asset—Leadership Character—to supercharge their ability to successfully execute critical business skills. ROC Certification teaches participants the fundamentals of Character Science, interpretation, and administration.

Participants learn how to:

  • Help clients leverage their leadership toward achieving measurable KPIs relevant for them and/or their team
  • Measure their impact on their clients using KPIs
  • Pinpoint the 1-2 behaviors that will have the greatest effect on their performance to maximize their impact as a leader

Certification Options

Level 1: Provider

Level 1 certification is designed to give facilitators both a flexible framework and the skills to customize and deliver the ROC effect for their clients. This course begins with participants experiencing the ROC Leadership Assessment from the client’s perspective. From there we teach the fundamentals of Character Science, along with interpreting, delivering feedback, and applying the ROC Assessment. Includes complimentary assessment for your first client.

Level 2: Practitioner

Designed for certified providers who want support going from theory to practice, we provide hands-on supervision, observation, and ongoing pedagogical content to support you and your first ROC client from assessment and through the Elevation Plan and Spot check, ensuring you and your client have a robust blueprint for coaching. This intensive add-on ensures you and your clients get the most from the data, find the highest-leverage focus, and apply the most cutting-edge insights.


  • Premium Development Journey A personalized experience with your ROC coach that takes you from data to Predictive Possibilities® through your customized Elevation Plan, mirroring the client experience.
  • Coaching Support Coaching support for delivering ROC with clients, data interpretation, and predictive possibilities.