Business Challenges

Everything We Do Is Linked to Business Results

Three factors drive the bottom line—macro-economic forces, the business model, and the leadership effect. Up to 30% of the bottom line can be due to the leadership effect, and we now know through our research that most powerful way to impact leadership is through character.

Everything we do is linked to business results, from conduct, lowered risk, and increased collaboration to innovation and agility. We work with clients to understand their business goals and define the measurable KPIs that should be impacted by improved leadership.

Our Return on Character® Leadership Assessment identifies the one behavior—the Keystone Habit—that will have the greatest impact and will result in cascading benefits in other areas such as financial performance, digital readiness, innovation, collaboration, business skills, risk, and employee engagement.


The swiftest path to collaboration is High Character behavior that flows from the senior team through the organization.


An organization’s ability to drive innovation depends on senior leadership’s Character Reputation and the conditions it creates.


People, not technical skills, are companies’ greatest challenge. High Character leaders drive successful digitalization.


A High Character culture of accountability is an organization’s strongest risk-management tool and greatest asset.