Our people are our greatest strength

    We work and live by the four foundational elements of high character—integrity, responsibility, forgiveness, and compassion—that lead to higher standards of behavior and bring the most value to all stakeholders.

    In Memoriam

    Dr. Fred Kiel, Co-Founder, Author of Return on Character, Eternal Optimist, and Big Dreamer

    Our Experts

    Shannon Banks

    Executive Development Consultant
    Surrey, United Kingdom

    Shannon Banks, MSocSc, is an award-winning consultant, facilitator, and executive coach…

    Randi Birk

    Senior Executive Development Consultant
    Hopkins, United States

    Randi Birk, Psy.D., helps Fortune 500 clients improve individual and team effectiveness…

    Carrie Coombs

    Executive Development Consultant
    USA and Europe

    Carrie Coombs specializes in executive and board-level coaching and evaluation.

    Tom Ferguson

    Executive Development Consultant
    Baltimore, United States

    Tom Ferguson, Ph.D., M.B.A., specializes in conducting organizational and cultural asse…

    Kelly Garramone

    CEO of KRW International & Executive Director of the KRW Research Institute
    Washington, DC, United States

    As both CEO of KRW International and Executive Director of the KRW Research Institute,…

    Joe Gibbons

    Executive Development Consultant
    Boston, United States

    Joe Gibbons focuses on putting theory into practice while accelerating leadership excel…

    Martin Harder

    Associate Partner, EMEA
    Berlin, Germany

    Martin focuses on executive coaching for senior executives and leadership teams confron…

    Julie Jessup

    Associate Partner, EMEA
    Paris, France

    Julie Jessup works with clients to find pragmatic solutions to their organizational and…

    Michael Wynne Kithcart

    Executive Development Consultant
    Minneapolis, United States

    Michael Wynne Kithcart draws upon her twenty-five years in business to help executive…

    Barbara A. Kurz

    Executive Development Consultant
    New York, United States

    Barbara Kurz works with clients to build confidence, raise self-awareness, and focus on…

    Liimu McGill

    Executive Development Consultant and Pharma Practice Lead
    Malibu, United States

    Liimu McGill fosters alignment within executive teams to integrate company ideals throu…

    Maureen Mitchell

    Executive Development Consultant
    New York, United States

    Maureen Mitchell is an experienced board member and C-Suite executive with a track reco…

    Saunders Moore

    Executive Development Consultant
    Asheville, NC

    Saunders Moore is passionate about supporting leaders to create value-based workplace,…

    Chitupa Mung’omba

    Executive Development Consultant
    London, United Kingdom

    Chitupa Mung’omba draws upon her twenty-five years in business to help senior executive…

    Marjorie Ngwenya

    Executive Development Consultant
    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Marjorie Ngwenya draws upon her more than twenty years’ experience in financial service…

    Koji Okumura

    Executive Development Consultant
    Tokyo, Japan

    Koji Okumura, Ph.D., helps Fortune 500 clients improve individual and team effectivenes…

    Fabian Orue

    Executive Development Consultant
    Madrid, Spain

    Fabian Orue is passionate about leaders’ development and works with multinational and g…

    Stephanie Parry

    Senior Executive Development Consultant, EMEA
    Paris, France

    With over thirty years of experience working in global companies as a senior HR leader…

    Kimberley Lewis Parsons

    Executive Development Consultant
    Richmond, United States

    Kimberley Parsons partners with senior leaders to unlock higher performance and greater…

    Heather Richetto-Rumley

    Associate Partner, Americas
    Tulsa, United States

    KRW Associate Partner Heather Richetto-Rumley works with senior-level executives in the…

    John Swain

    Associate Partner, Americas
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Focusing on enabling leaders and their organizations to achieve success and fulfillment…

    Annette Thum

    Executive Development Consultant
    Berlin, Germany

    Annette Thum’s expertise is in leadership development, team building, and executive coa…

    Antoine Tirard

    Executive Development Consultant
    Paris, France

    Antoine Tirard consults with global companies in the areas of talent management, leader…

    Anni Townend

    Executive Development Consultant
    Brighton, United Kingdom

    Anni Townend is a leadership consultant, coach, and author with over twenty years of ex…

    Barrhonda White

    Executive Development Consultant
    Richmond, United States

    Barrhonda aims to be in service to others through transformational coaching. Her approa…

    Kathryn Williams

    Asheville, United States

    KRW co-founder Kathryn Williams is an accomplished individual executive coach and group…