John Swain

    Associate Partner, Americas

    Professional Expertise

    Focusing on enabling leaders and their organizations to achieve success and fulfillment, KRW Associate Partner John Swain specializes in strategic leadership development, executive talent management, executive team mastery, and collaborative strategy development and implementation. His specific expertise is in devising and implementing sustainable executive leadership and talent management solutions to ensure companies have the leadership capacity and capability to achieve desired results.


    For over thirty years, John has worked with CEOs, senior executives, and their organizations across a variety of sectors in North America, Europe, and Africa. For nine years, he was a lead partner in Oliver Wyman’s global Executive Talent Management and Leadership Development practice and has also held part-time faculty positions with Sheridan College’s School of Entrepreneurial Studies, York University’s Schulich School of Business, and IBM’s European Project Management Institute.

    John has had several articles published on various leadership topics, including leveraging leadership development to implement change, successful executive onboarding, and CEO and executive succession planning.

    • B.A. – University of Western Ontario
    • Certified in the FIRO-B and MBTI
    • Certified in the Hogan suite of psychometrics
    • Certified in SYMLOG (measures cooperation and collaboration in organizations on individual, team, and culture level)
    • Certified in Requisite Organization theory and methodology (aligning organizational structure with strategy)