Board Solutions

Board Assessment

As an organization is expected to redirect itself and evolve, it also means that the board may have to be reconstituted to achieve the new challenges. We work with the board to examine various aspects of board functioning in order to best leverage strengths, identify skill gaps, and implement a plan for change. Examples of aspects we assess include meeting and communication effectiveness, chair of the board leadership skills, committee functioning, and alignment between the board/senior team/executive director.

Executive Director & Chair of the Board Alignment

The executive director and chair of the board need to be closely aligned in order to effectively lead and get the most value from the board and the organization. Conflicts or issues can stem from a lack of alignment and/or ambiguity between roles. We work closely with this dyad to address alignment issues and clarify roles and goals for moving forward.

Issues we also address:

  • Post-crisis review and reset
  • Conflict resolution
  • New board launch for start-ups
  • Board alignment or realignment
  • Onboarding new members
  • Family shareholder &/or board dynamics for family-owned businesses
  • Assisting board in executive team review (assessment) and development
  • Culture/organizational review

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