Fred Kiel

    Co-founder & Chair of the Board

    Professional Expertise

    In Return on Character (2015, Harvard Business Review Press), Fred Kiel, Ph.D., and the KRW Research Institute share the first hard evidence linking the character of senior leadership to profitability. Their groundbreaking work is raising the bar on expectations around both individual and organizational performance.

    In a seven-year study of executive teams at Fortune 500 companies, privately held firms, and nonprofits, Fred and team show how a CEO and senior leadership’s character impacts the bottom line (nearly 5x greater returns), reduces risk, and engages the workforce (26% greater level of workforce engagement).

    Organizations worldwide are now leveraging the predictive analytic tools that have evolved from this research.

    For more than thirty years, Fred has guided Fortune 500 companies in their journey to accelerate business success through principled leadership. The foundation of KRW International’s model is a rigorous data-gathering and customized development process designed to provide transformative insight and growth.

    Fred is co-founder of KRW International, co-author of the influential book, Moral Intelligence 2.0 (2011, Financial Times Press), and a speaker of the popular TEDxTalk, “Psychopaths in the C-Suite.”

    I believe in a world where leadership character is fundamental to business education programs and performance evaluation processes … a world where “who” a leader is receives as much attention as “what” the leader is trained to do, because it results in greater value for all.

    Harvard Business Review Press, Measuring the Return on Character (April 2015)

    • B.A. – Psychology, University of Minnesota
    • Ph.D. – Counseling Psychology, University of Minnesota