High Character Leaders

Group of paper airplane in one direction and with one individual pointing in the different way, can be used leadership/individuality concepts.( 3d render )

Harness the Power of Virtuoso Leadership

Who you are as a leader—your Character—amplifies your skills, and the combined effect leads to your results. With Return on Character® at its core, our individual and cohort programs offer senior leaders a unique opportunity to cut through the noise when elevating their leadership.

Going beyond traditional coaching that emphasizes skills, we help leaders identify the Character Habits that impact skills for creating better engagement, execution, and business results.

The four segments of character shown in a multi-color grid

High Character leadership—Virtuoso Leadership—sets the standards for the habits, principles, expectations, and behaviors that shape an organization’s culture, drive workforce engagement, and fuel organizational dynamics.

We show leaders how to strengthen the Character Habits that will have the greatest impact on accountability, vision, innovation, and collaboration.

Closing the Gap between Your Character Reputation and Intent

Our approach to leadership development is different than most others.  We focus on Character and not skills.  Our research showed conclusively that a reputation as a High Character leader is actually more important than your business skills – in fact, a reputation as a leader with High Character actually magnifies the impact of your skills.

But asking senior leaders to evaluate their own Character Reputations often results in a paradox: those with strong Character often underrate their own reputation for Character, while other leaders tend to either overrate their own Character or simply lack an accurate understanding of how they are perceived.

Informed by our proprietary multi-rater Return on Character® Leadership Assessment, senior KRW executive development experts guide participating cohorts of individual leaders through a developmental journey that is customized and linked to your company’s strategy.

A graphic showing the character curve with annotations

Challenges We Address

  • High-value employee needs to go from gold to platinum
  • Newly promoted
  • Move from individual contributor to leader
  • Potential for derailing
  • Specific issue (executive presence, conflict resolution, communication, etc.)
  • Leading through change initiative
  • High potential
  • Succession preparation

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