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    Barrhonda White

    Executive Development Consultant
    Richmond, United States

    Barrhonda aims to be in service to others through transformational coaching. Her approa…

    Kathryn Williams

    Asheville, United States

    KRW co-founder Kathryn Williams is an accomplished individual executive coach and group…

    Josh Birkholz

    Advisory Board Member, BWF

    Josh Birkholz is the CEO of BWF, an international fundraising company providing consult…

    Professor Shane Dikolli, Ph.D.

    Advisory Board Member, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

    Shane Dikolli is the Bank of America Associate Professor in Business Administration at…

    Professor Thomas Keusch, Ph.D.

    Advisory Board Member, INSEAD

    Thomas Keusch is an Assistant Professor of Accounting and Control at INSEAD, France. Hi…

    Professor Bill Mayew, Ph.D.

    Advisory Board Member, Duke Fuqua School of Business

    Bill Mayew is the Martin L. Black Jr. Distinguished Professor of Business Administratio…

    Professor Thomas Steffen, Ph.D.

    Advisory Board Member, Yale School of Management

    Thomas Steffen is an assistant professor of accounting at the Yale School of Management…