Ian Jones

    Executive Development Consultant

    Ian Jones

    Professional Expertise

    Ian Jones works with individuals and teams to realize the opportunities that arise from innovation and the disruption of traditional views of organizational systems. In his 20 years of coaching, he has worked with executive and board teams on issues of diversity and team effectiveness as well as other strategic initiatives.


    Ian couples 15 years of executive management experience at the CEO and sales director level in the information and communications technology industry. He is a former managing director of Control Data South Africa and Computer Sciences South Africa, both subsidiaries of US corporations. Originally from the UK, he has a deep working knowledge of the critical aspects of the hiring, development, promotion, and strategic deployment of talent from all social categories.

    Ian has negotiated with governments, liberation movements, employers, trade unions, students, commercial structures, academia, media, and religious and secular activists to create workable programs for educating and training people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Based in South Africa, he has co-created and supported the implementation of development programs in the areas of:

    • Talent engagement and performance management
    • The empowerment of cross-functional teams
    • Optimization of customer experience
    • Improvement of sales and key account management performance
    • Realization of the benefits from diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Alignment of IT professionals with business strategy
    • Strategic diversification into new markets