Your Greatest Asset Is Your Character 



    Return on Character®


    The Return on Character® (ROC) Assessment is designed to assess and unlock executives’ most powerful asset, Leadership Character, which can either supercharge or undermine their ability to successfully execute critical business skills.

    It is based on KRW’s ground-breaking research detailed in Return on Character, which found that organizations led by high character leaders experience an astonishing ~5x greater return on assets (ROA), 26% higher work-force engagement, and notably less risk.

    What It Tells You

    For both teams and individuals, the Return on Character® Assessment provides personalized feedback on:

    Who You Are As a Leader

    The essential habits of Leadership Character that drive the most value in business: Integrity, Responsibility, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

    What You Do As a Leader

    The leadership skills that have higher impact on maintaining sustained positive business results: Vision, Accountability, Decision Making, Communication, Collaboration, and Team Leadership.

    Your Impact As a Leader

    Five key behaviors that are indicative of participants’ impact and lead to high workforce engagement.

    Your Predictive Possibilities

    The one or two behaviors participants can focus on from the assessment data to have the greatest impact on improving their performance.

    How It Works

    Participants select relevant feedback providers that may include managers, peers, direct reports, and/or other stakeholders. Return on Character® Assessments are sent to a certified coach for a debriefing.

    Reports indicate where each participant falls on the Character Curve compared to the scores of the top and bottom individual leaders in our database and compare participants’ self-ratings to colleagues’ ratings.

    Benefits and Value

    Participants will be able to:

    • Leverage their leadership towards achieving measurable KPIs relevant for them and their team
    • Identify any measurable gap between their intended behavior and the reality of their character reputation
    • Pinpoint the one behavior that will have the greatest effect on their performance to maximize their impact as a leader
    • Learn how to exemplify and build a culture of High Character with their teams and within their organizations

    Why It’s Different from Other 360s

    KRW’s Return on Character® Assessment breaks through the complexity and zeroes in on the one or two behaviors that will have the greatest impact to improve performance and deliver superior results at the individual, team, and organizational level.


    The Return on Character® Assessment is designed for use only by coaches trained and certified by KRW International. A network of certified coaches is available in six countries across North America and Western Europe.

    It’s been a very intensive, effective, and empathetic process… The whole concept of aligning principles, values, beliefs, and behavior was quite psychologically freeing…the ROC process has been intensive and personal, both, in a way that company training just can’t be… My consultant’s knowledge, insight, empathy, and experience, I found to be invaluable.

    VP Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion,
    Diversified Insurance Provider

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